Somewhere in the Limburgian countryside, in the southern Netherlands, 17-year-old Olli juggles a job at a local warehouse with a dark side hustle as a burglar. Fueled by desperation, the timid teen transforms into a seasoned and calculating thief as soon as he puts on his mask. But how long before his conscience intervenes? 

Year: 2024
Produced by: Sem Wigman (Mockus Film)
Written and directed by: Jeroen Mourmans
Director of Photography: Ivo Nelis
Editing and color grading: Max Vonk
Production design by: Lonneke Orbons
Costume design by: Sanne Puijk
Sound recording by: Lars Henderiks
Sound design by: Freek Philippi
Steadicam by: Maric Dam
Gaffer: Iwan Cvitko
First A.C.: Calder Cosyn

Supported by
The Netherlands Film Fund
Limburg Film Office
Province of Limburg

Mauro Suijkerbuijk – Olli
Doris Baaten – The Resident
Eva Crutzen – Olli’s Mom
Kim Lee Wong – Lorenzo
Raf Gielen – Kenny
Bas Ladenstein – Billy
Lente van Oppen – Sadé
Gijs Ruigt – Jeffrey